EduCloud (ECA) is an alliance for the implementation of an open educational cloud service standard (EduCloud), which has been initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The aim of the alliance is to develop a nation-level ecosystem focusing on international awareness, which connects the users, purchasers, developers and service providers of learning services. The ecosystem is developed by specifying an open standard for learning environments, materials and activities to facilitate the open provision, sales, finding, comparison and use of educational cloud service products and contents. It allows digital learning materials to be produced, acquired and deployed on online learning platforms or other learning network services in an easier manner.

The preparation of the EduCloud standard's reference implementation was one of ECA’s most important objectives in 2017. Read more about the standard and its development.

In addition to the implementation of a standard, ECA aims to, for example, prepare an approval management process in accordance with the privacy policy, as well as promote the development of authentication solutions intended for learning services. At the same time, it offers its members crucial information about the development of digital learning services, as well as a valuable opportunity to influence the future of the industry.

The solutions made at ECA are for equal and open to everyone, to both commercial and non-profit organisations. In addition, members can influence the direction of development, and gain crucial information about the future of digital learning services.

EduCloud Alliance is involved in the support and promotion of the MPASSid authentication solution.

Upcoming events

1.-3.12.2021 ITK, Finland
1.-3.2.2022 LEARNTEC, Germany
28.-29.1.2022 Educa, Finland


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Focus Areas for 2021

Expanding the ECA’s standard with a national xAPI solution

OID, i.e. learner’s national identification code

Free upper secondary level and digital materials (interoperability, accessibility, data security)

Learning analytics

Authentication (MPASS)

Approval management and GDPR

Artificial intelligence


Advancement of learning service standards

International cooperation

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