EduCloud Alliance Joins DXtera to Advance Student Success

EduCloud Alliance Joins DXtera to Advance Student Success

[Published Mar 8, 2019 - "Finnish Organization EduCloud Alliance Joins DXtera to Advance Student Success" on]


DXtera Institute, a consortium of higher education professionals collaborating to remove technology barriers for institutions and their partners, today announced that Educloud Alliance, has joined the international nonprofit as a strategic partner.

DXtera Institute was founded in 2016 as an affiliate of Strada Education Network, a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to catalyzing more direct pathways between education and employment.

DXtera’s team of experts work with members to increase compatibility and efficiency across their campus information systems. Its members and experts make it possible for data and digital information to be shared, in real time, across ever- changing technology infrastructures, resulting in empowered leaders, faculty, staff and students who can make informed choices with complete information.

Educloud Alliance,a Finnish alliance for the implementation of an open educational cloud service standard, committed to helping DXtera Institute to support and expand their Next Generation By Design (NGBD) efforts across the international community. The NGBD initiative is dedicated to designing the next wave of software that will support student success goals and tackle challenges such as enhanced user experience, information ownership and governance, reducing information redundancy, and security of sensitive or private data.

"We are extremely pleased that we now have the opportunity to advance the digital learning industry in cooperation with DXtera as well as exchange information about technology used in future educational environments and best practices. We at EduCloud Alliance feel that this cooperation is important to the whole Finnish educational ecosystem as it opens doors and cooperation opportunities in the United States", states Timo Väliharju, Chairman of the Finnish EduCloud Alliance.

“This partnership allows both DXtera and EduCloud Alliance to more rapidly advance next generation education systems and infrastructures, which will enable institutions and, most importantly, our learners to succeed at greater rates and with less obstacles,” said Dale Allen, president and co-founder of DXtera. “We are humbled to collaborate with such innovative peers at EduCloud Alliance as we share many of the same challenges and vision for an improved educational ecosystem.”

Founding and current members of DXtera include: ACT, Community College System of New Hampshire, Community and Technical College System of West Virginia, Credential Engine, Emsi, Georgia State University, GSV Labs, Learntec, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, New England Board of Higher Education, New Hampshire College &  University Council, Online Learning Consortium, Open Geospatial Consortium, Strada Education Network,Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, University of Hawaii System, University of Memphis and a growing list of innovators.

The partners will come together this spring at the Next Generation By Design Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, to engage higher education colleagues and peers to develop, test and deploy the next generation environments and technologies that will transform the postsecondary education market.  The NGBD 2019 Symposium is an invite-only opportunity for innovators, influencers, leaders and investors to come together in a collaborative environment to explore a shared vision for the NGBD education environment to transform the delivery of education and support student success goals. The symposium, hosted by DXtera Institute and its members, will be in Barcelona, Spain, 21-23 May, 2019. For more information about the event visit

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About DXtera Institute

DXtera Institute is a non-profit, collaborative member-based consortium dedicated to transforming student and institutional outcomes in higher education. We specialize in enabling more efficient access to information and insights for effective decision-making and realize long-term cost savings, by simplifying and removing barriers to systems integration and improving data aggregation and control. With partners across the U.S. and Europe, our consortium includes some of the brightest minds in education and technology, all working together to solve critical higher education issues on a global scale. Learn more at


About Educloud Alliance

EduCloud (ECA) is an alliance for the implementation of an open educational cloud service standard (EduCloud), which has been initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The aim of the alliance is to develop a nation-level ecosystem focusing on international awareness, which connects the users, purchasers, developers and service providers of learning services. The ecosystem is developed by specifying an open standard for learning environments, materials and activities to facilitate the open provision, sales, finding, comparison and use of educational cloud service products and contents. It allows digital learning materials to be produced, acquired and deployed on online learning platforms or other learning network services in an easier manner.


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