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At EduCloud Alliance, you have the opportunity to participate in the development of the digital learning industry in cooperation with public and private operators and other learning professionals. At the same time, you can facilitate the day-to-day life of learning and improve the quality of learning. ECA offers its members essential information on the development of digital learning services, as well as a valuable opportunity to influence the future of the industry. ECA closely monitors the development of the industry, and aims to find interesting cooperation opportunities and partners both at a national and an international level. ECA has also managed to open networks internationally, particularly in the Nordics,  Baltics, Germany and the United States. International cooperation is important to the whole Finnish educational ecosystem as it opens doors and opportunities to Finnish companies abroad. ECA’s desire is to support its members in their internationalisation efforts by established international networks for the alliance.

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Membership categories

A strategic member shall gain a place in ECA’s management team. This type of membership is primarily for enterprises, communities and authorities, to whose strategy ECA belongs to. 

A business and operational member is entitled to participate in the working groups’ activities, and the priority is leading the working groups. These members may, if necessary, also be invited to the management team. This type of membership is aimed for enterprises and communities that benefit from ECA and are actively involved in developing it. 

A community member can be invited to working groups and the community is entitled to vote for one of its members to represent in the management team. A community member may be an entity or person, who has contributed to ECA and applied for community membership. 

An Edu member may participate in working groups upon the request of the management team. This membership is aimed for users, customer representatives and other stakeholders, who are involved in determining ECA’s objectives and piloting the productions and materials of ECA and its members. 

Municipalities and cities can be invited to working groups. This membership in aimed for cities and municipalities that are interested in promoting the technology standards used in education and want to influence the overall development of educational technologies in Finland (incl. authentication, standards, information transfer across learning platforms, interoperability of contents). 

A startup member can be invited to working groups. The startup membership is aimed for startup companies that have operated less than 4 years that benefit from being a part of ECA, want to develop it further and be involved in international cooperation.

Membership fees

Membership Member fee* (VAT 0%) / year
Strategic member 6500 €
Business and operational member 950 €
Community member -
Edu member 500 €
NEW! Municipality / City member 250 €
NEW! Startup-member 190 €

*The ECA management team decides on the ECA membership fees. The membership fee increase may not
exceed three (3) percent.